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Join many Companies and C-Levels that had scale their business. Get a personalize social or search ads audit and start generating results allowing you to thrive in short and long-term. Work with brand strategists who know how to hit business targets.

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Best-in-class consultants that highlight the areas with the most potential for improvements.

Data Driven

A performance based approach to back-up operationnals and strategic recommendations with your account.

Short and Long-term

Increased efficiency in reviewing your account set-up and strategy quickly and get results nexts weeks.


Why assess your ad account strategy?

We pride ourselves on delivering useful insights into your paid campaigns which are then applied to your marketing and business goals. We work to ensure our audit points towards areas of improvement for your Facebook or Google Ad Account that will directly benefit your unique brand goals and KPIs.


01. Save Time

Spend less time trying to figure everything out, we'll get straight into the actions you need to take to get quick wins.


03. Improved Results

Not seeing the results you need/hoped for? We'll identify and get you back on track and help you to save invest.


02. Drive your strategy

We'll identify areas in which you can improve the results and long-term profits from your campaigns.


04. Shorten Learning Curve

New to all of this? By booking an audit you're guaranteed not to make all the costly mistakes.


Paid media advertising audit for a signifiant business impact 💯

This increasingly complex digital ecosystem has many direct and indirect repercussions on your business. Companies that don't master the subject properly are gradually losing share of voice. Those who are poorly supported can suffer financial losses on their media investment or lower profitability than their brand's potential.

Conducting a paid media audit is the first step to sell better online with success. As we’ve helped a vast range of businesses reach their marketing goals based on the foundation of a strong paid audit and strategy we help you to invest better, save money by understanding better how your funnel works and drive revenues as best as you can.

How our global process works?

By reviewing what works well for your business’ and your industry, we can build a strong strategy to build on these successes, fine-tune any issues and drive your metrics forward for both paid social and paid search.

Some of our clients


More Traffic, More Sales, More Profit 💸

We know that if you are looking to invest (more) in social ads or in search ads, you want results and measurable KPI. At Becker & Consulting we deliver more personalized ads with measurable experiences.

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What is include in our performance paid media audit

Account Level Audit

Review will roadmap quick wins, as well as improvements. Sanity check on your tracking/pixel setup and Conversion API, dynamic catalog, CRM integrations to export data, commerce manager check or account spending limit.

Campaign Settings

Check the campaigns structure, is your budget the right, budgetary breakdown, funnel strategy review or naming convention. We also take a look at your attribution settings, objectives, automated rules and bidding.

Audiences Analysis

Help you to setup value-based audiences, targeting audiences size, usage of retargeting, audiences typologies or keyword strategy. Last but not least, we make recommandations based on your first party audience.

Adsets setup

Care about placements performances, interest targeting and predictability, optimisation event usage, lookalike splitting and overlap for each audience. We also realize a sanity setup and brand-safety check.

Ads analysis

Quick competitors look, A/B Testing, ad copy review, creative analysis and recommandations. Bases on your performance : formats usage, dynamic or shopping ads, feed quality and ad fatigue check.

Strategy guidelines

Compare your account setup with your website objectives and business offering. Show you the best practice / top-strucure based on your own and changes to do to save money and boost your sales.

Quick look on our audit

To make sure that every ad campaign you run is usefull, we give you a simple and easy-to-understand audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? You can find some answers below.

It's fast and spread your message on a broader scale. Paid social or paid search gives you immediate results in terms of increased site traffic and then leads/conversions. It has a highly transparent process of bid placement through which you can easily control ad costs and fine-tune your strategies on the go.

The right professional agency will take a closer look at your existing ad account and define with you the right strategy based on your goal. They will constantly fiddle with ad copy, keywords, audiences, optimize bids, and much more to improve efficiency. Then they will give you full transparency by reporting performances and tell you if your objectives are realistics... or not.

Through PPC your ads are targeted based on specific keywords or audiences thus ensuring immediate and consistent traffic that you would not otherwise receive. The ability to set a budget in advance allows you to have a clear ROI plan and makes it cost-effective With Paid Social we allow to push dedicated content on specific audiences and create retargeting strategy to help consumer in their buyer journey.

We mainly use a mix of platforms like Meta, Google or Tiktok to ensure that we get the best out of ad campaigns. We implement Google Workspace and partner technology solutions to monitor, research and give you visibility on your campaigns. Last but not least, we use pre-fill template to save your time when sharing us wording and assets.

Budgets are usually based on planned marketing objectives and investment capabilities. There is no ideal budget suggested and the investment varies as the bidding values or CPM change for industry-relevant audiences/keywords. We will work closely with you to estimate an ad budget that fits your business needs.

If done the right way, a paid media campaign results in the instantaneous generation of leads and conversions for your brand. You'll see the positive changes within the firsts weeks.

It's time to leverage your ad strategy 🥇

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